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We specialize in working with families living with ADHD, Learning Differences, 焦虑 & Depression and Autism through our two schools, 精神健康诊所, community education and curated online resource library. If you’re concerned, please reach out and we’ll help you navigate your journey together. 在CHC,我们在这里为您服务. En CHC, estamos aquí para i.


We believe in a world where every child, teen and young adult can reach their full promise and potential.


To transform young lives by providing culturally-responsive best-in-class services for learning differences and mental health to families from diverse backgrounds regardless of language, 地点或支付能力.

专业知识, 争取, recognizing and sharing excellence in everything we do, while acknowledging that building expertise is an ongoing journey and not a destination.

同情, Combining empathy and action to gain trust, create connections and make lasting change.

社区- Collaborating and supporting each other and working with local partners to leverage strengths for mutual benefit and collective impact.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging – 认识到多样性, equitable and inclusive workplace and service delivery practices are paramount to building The Beloved Community as envisioned by Dr. 马丁·路德·金. – creating a place where everyone feels like they belong.


CHC于1953年由Dr. 以斯帖B. Clark, one of the first female pediatricians to practice on the Peninsula. She started Children’s Health Council with a $10,年度预算, a largely volunteer staff and most importantly, 她的精神意志.

Dr. Clark had a dream for every child. She imagined a place where families could come for help. 一个把孩子放在第一位的地方. A place with integrated services and caring experts. It would be a place where families could be assured of being respected and welcomed in their own language. A place where children could develop the social emotional learning skills and resilience to reach their full promise and potential. It would have strong leadership, expert caring staff, passionate volunteers and devoted donors. It would be called Children’s Health Council.


凯瑟琳T. Harvey Center for 临床服务

评价. 治疗. 咨询. 眼压上升.

Expert multidisciplinary assessment, personalized therapy and innovative programs increase every child’s ability to learn and achieve the balance necessary to enhance life experience and improve school performance. 年龄0-25.

Chief Clinical Officer, Ramsey Khasho, PsyD



Dyslexia and other language-based learning differences

Personalized learning for students with average to above average intelligence with diagnosed language-based learning differences such as dyslexia and the attention and social challenges that often accompany them. 等级2 - 8.


Chief Clinical Officer, Ramsey Khasho, PsyD


CHC Schwab学习中心

Strengths-based learning strategies to optimize performance in the classroom, workplace and beyond.

The CHC Schwab学习中心 celebrates the fact that we all learn in a variety of ways. We help college and high school students with diverse learning challenges succeed in all areas of their lives.




以斯帖B. 克拉克学校

Therapeutic Day School for 等级2 - 10

Therapeutic day school providing transformative education where children with severe emotional and behavioral issues re-engage in learning and develop the positive behaviors necessary to transition back to a district school. 等级2 - 10.

South Bay Site Director Karen Moos, LCSW




Nurturing specialists assess children and deliver behavioral health services to underserved families. The culturally-sensitive and diverse staff is committed to working with families in both English and Spanish in various Bay Area locations. 年龄0-18.




CHC Ravenswood

Community-based mental health care.

双语, culturally-relevant mental health and education support, filling unmet needs of the Ravenswood community in East Palo Alto and East Menlo Park. 的高效, needs-based service model provides on-the-ground bilingual parent education and consultations, 教师专业发展, clinical evaluation for learning and mental health concerns, and individual and family therapy.

总监,Rob Wagner, DSW, LCSW

650.702.2487 -英语和Español



Bringing the community together for good.

类, workshops and conferences; student advocacy; parent support groups; outreach; community partnerships; volunteer programs; and 24/7 online resources.